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Capo Beach and Fountain Valley
2024-2025 School Year
What is covered in this class?
This Modern World History course gives young citizens a solid understanding of the world around them so they can meaningfully take part in and contribute to society. Students will consider: What is the western liberal world order? How did it arise? How does it compare to other civilizations and societies? What are its successes, failures, triumphs, tragedies?

The theme that runs through the class contrasts the ideals and history of western civilization with the Marxist and Fascist totalitarian governments of the 20th century. It illustrates the uniquely positive aspects of western civilization while considering the claims of its critics.

The course will highlight the ancient and medieval origins of western thought and look more closely at the18th century to the present day. We’ll briefly flashback to the democratic principles from Greece, Rome, Britain, and the American, French and Industrial Revolutions, and the moral roots arising from Judaism and Christianity. We’ll also consider 19th & 20th century imperialism, independence movements, the world wars, impacts of Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Hitler and other totalitarian leaders, the Cold War, and the modern Middle East.
What are the Pillars of the West?
It turns out it is quite difficult to define western civilization and to get agreement on which countries are western countries. For the purposes of this class, the foundations of western civilization are:

Liberal, Representative Government
Freedom of Speech, Assembly
Freedom of Religion
Rule of Law
Free Market Capitalism

In the first few weeks of class, students will learn about these ideas and discuss them with an adult that they know (family member or friend) to learn their perspectives on these elements and their sense of importance.

Click below to see the defining features of the west and examples of modern day instances where these elements are in use or where they are challenged.
Defining Features of the West
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