History Dragon
World History for Junior High
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Take a grand tour of 12,000 years of world history with a one-of-a-kind program using loads of imagery, succinct descriptions, high level maps, memorable themes, and a dozen dragons representing time periods.

What's the best way to learn world history?
One dragon at a time!

Join Us Live-Online

Our online class combines once weekly live-online class time with reading, videos, assignments and quizzes organized through our learning portal, Canvas.

History Dragon uses visual/spatial elements and guardian dragons with mnemonic clues to understand each time segment. Students walk away with a valuable overview of world history and relative placement of key events / figures /movements, such as the beginning of writing and bronze-making, Alexander the Great, the fall of Constantinople, Scramble for Africa, Age of Revolutions, 20th century power struggles, and the 2015 refugee crisis.

Students develop a sense of time chronology and interconnectedness among dates based on which dragon it is associated with, not by learning dates. The focus of the class is on grasping the big picture of world history, its chronology, and connecting the events with the world map.

Join Us in Capistrano Beach hands-on
The Friday morning hands-on class meets in person at Homeschool Campus' location in Capistrano Beach, California. In addition, this course includes an At-Home Anytime component in which students access the complete History Dragon course via recorded video instruction, course materials, quizzes, and other assignments through our portal, Canvas.

During the Live, Hands-On class time, students will engage with each other in a variety of activities such as playing a card game with History Dragon events, creating hand-drawn maps, crafting historical objects such as a Mesopotamian cylinder seal, reading aloud from historical fiction, biography, or primary source documents, a History Passport quiz game,etc.
Meet the Dragons
Where else can you meet eleven dragons who are determined to bring you along on their journey through history? Each of them have a theme-- such as Posters and Propaganda--that they love to talk about. Some are fierce, some are elegant, yet they're all enthusiastic bards when it comes to sharing the stories of history.
Let the Adventure Begin!

Our classes are offered through Homeschool Campus. To find the days/times for our 2022-2023 classes, go to Homeschool Campus, select "Denise Forsythe" from Instructor dropdown menu. There you'll find more detailed information about the classes and register.

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