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Please let me know if you'd like to schedule a private class for your group. Write to me at Denise(dot)forsythe(at)comcast.net.

Take a grand tour of 12,000 years of world history with a one-of-a-kind program using loads of imagery, succinct descriptions, high level maps, memorable themes, and a dozen dragons representing time periods. Meets once weekly for 1 hour 15 minutes Live-Online.

Taught by the author of the History Dragon curriculum, Denise Forsythe. This is a full year course, but the course is structured in a way that works for students to join for a single semester, if needed. Semester 1 covers 10,000 BC as the Ice Age has just ended to 1400 AD as the Mongol invasions begin. Semester 2 covers 1400 AD through the 20th century, and a bit of the 21st century too.

Join us for a lively, highly visual course tailored to online learning. History Dragon uses visual/spatial elements and guardian dragons with mnemonic clues to understand each time segment. Students will walk away with a valuable overview of world history and relative placement of key events / figures /movements, such as the beginning of writing and bronze-making, Alexander the Great, the fall of Constantinople, the discovery of the New World, Queen Elizabeth, Scramble for Africa, Age of Revolutions, 20th century world wars and power struggles, and the 2015 refugee crisis. Students will develop a sense of time chronology and interconnectedness among dates based on which dragon it is associated with, not by learning dates. The focus of the class is on grasping the big picture of world history, its chronology, and connecting the events with the world map.

Students complete a quiz for each dragon's time period which focuses on 4 key events and a simplified map depicting important locations for that time period. Students also complete a Dragon Doodle page illustrating or annotating the highlights of the time period. Students will also use some tools specific to online learning such as discussion boards and occasional breakout groups.


Tuition is $245 for the 16-week Fall 2020 semester, and is the same for the spring semester.

If paying by check, Paypal, or Venmo, tuition is due a week before class begins or payable monthly as agreed.

If paying through a charter, please set up the PO for monthly payments with iLead or a lump sum with Inspire

I will gladly sign up as a vendor with other charters. Just let your educational facilitator know you'd ike History Dragon added as a vendor.

Registration Fee:

There is a $45 annual registration fee per student with Homeschool Campus that allows students to take as many courses as they wish. In order to secure your student's space in the class, please register through Homeschool Campus using the links below.


The $20 materials for this course covers the creation of full-color pamphlet with simplified map for each dragon's time period, along with teacher notes. This curriculum is custom-developed and not available elsewhere. The material is meant to be used by the student long after the course is over.